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How to Invest in Real Estate

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property : the article generate to educational only. There is a common misconception that real estate investing requires property ownership. It’s understandable to presume that the only way to invest in real estate is through direct property ownership These methods of investing can serve as a precursor to future property-owning investments, or you may find returns from these investments compelling and avoid the hands-on approach of property-owning investments altogether.

How to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property

Wholesaling is the only active form of real estate investing that does not require property ownership. Instead, it requires intent of property ownership. Wholesaling is a form of property-flipping where an investor signs a contract to buy a property that they believe is underpriced and then quickly sells it to another investor at a higher price for a profit. Most often, wholesalers search for homes in need of renovations and sell them to house-flippers who want to renovate the home. However, they may also seek out homes that they believe will sell quickly to regular homebuyers in a particular housing market.

Private Equity Funds
A private equity fund in an investment model in which investors pool their money together into a fund intended to make investments on behalf of the group. Investing in real estate through a private equity fund is a passive form of investment in which investors provide only capital and leave the duties of investment management to their fund manager(s). Access to private equity funds is generally limited to accredited investors and institutions with large amounts of capital.

Real Estate Mutual Funds
Similar to the concept of a private equity fund, a mutual fund is an investment model where an investment company pools together its clients’ money for the purpose of investing on their behalf. Mutual fund investors own a share of the mutual fund while the mutual fund itself owns the investments that it makes. here are many mutual funds available to individual investors. Each offers its own level of real estate diversification, investment minimum, and fee structure. Mutual funds generally offer low barriers to entry and high liquidity, giving ordinary investors access to a professionally-managed fund. As a passive investment, they require only capital and no management from investors.


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